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How does it work?

Vertical-X Internet Solutions works closely with a growing list of clients that require website design and development services but lack the staff or know how to achieve their clients goals. We have enabled our clients to win business that they would have previously turned away because they didn't have the ability to compete.

Whether you already have a development staff or not we can work with you to handle all your projects or just your overflow.

We specialize in creating custom websites and online solutions that integrate high quality design with state-of-the-art programming.

Who are some of our clients that have partnered with us?

You'll never know! Some of our greatest projects are not in our portfolio, and they're not displayed on our website.

What are some of the benefits of partnering with Vertical-X?

  • We're invisible! We exercise the upmost discretion and confidentiality. At no time will Vertical-X reveal that we worked on one of our partners projects
  • Your clients stay your clients! We always work with you directly.
  • We understand you need to make money, that's why we work with you to adhere to your client's budget to ensure you make a profit
  • We can make your projects more profitable and expand your capabilities and opportunities
  • We provide consulting services to ensure your project specs are accurate and meet your client's requirements
  • We work closely with our clients from the initial proposal, to launch, through future maintenance and upgrades
  • We utilize the latest technologies
  • We don't outsource, all work is produced in the USA
  • We will make you look good to your clients!

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